It has been now a month and a half since I got back home from Canada

and as soon as i arrived i wanted to take the plane back to Georgetown. I miss everything from my amazing host family, to my school and all the people that I met. I feel very grateful for being a part...


Two day's ago it  was pink day,

it’s a day to fight against the breast cancer.

By selling shirts to the students, the  school raised more than 23 000$. Some people did a full outfit in pink.

I wore my pink shirt that i bought from the school, black leggings with high pin...


Since tomorrow is Halloween, we did our pumpkins the night before.

The recipe for perfect  pumpkin:
 To do them right you have to follow a few step.

-  First, you go pick you pumpkin, at a store or a farm.

- Then cut your pumpkin at the top and take out the seeds, S...


I went to a semi-professional hockey game in London in Ontario.

The rink was very big.

The teams were the home team London Knights against Sarnia Sting.

Everybody was supporting the London team, because it was their home game.

For example every time the other team scored a...


This past weekend was thanksgiving,

We ate some turkey with stuffing, some mashed potatoes, some cranberries, and some green beans with some gravy.

To finish we had some pumpkin pie, it was very good but quite weird at the beginning.

It’s a very famous North American trad...


With my family I Went Indoor skydiving.

First we were supposed to watched the people in the tube for

fifteen minute but they  forget us so we waited for forty-five minutes.Then we went in a room where we watched a short video to explain everything that we have to know fo...


Last weekend I saw my first ice-hockey game.

The brother of my exchange student was playing.

It is the first year where the players are allowed to hit each other, so the game was very funny.

A guy from the other team was upset because his team was losing  4-1, so he start...


Canadian people love to have some snacks during the day! At every moment

of the day if they are hungry they take any kind of snack from a cereal bars to

a plate of pasta! That's why in store there is a lot of aisles just for snacks.

In canada there is snacks like popcorn...


 The school here is very different from France. First we have four periods and it’s the same everyday whereas in France we can have up to eight classes in a day and the timetable is different! In each period there is different people in our classes and everyone has a d...


I had the chance to attend a Canadian wedding. I had to take the plane to go to Sault Ste Marie for the Wedding. It was a wedding in an anglican church. The ceremony at the church begin at 1:30. There is the ceremony in the church that lasted around one hour. After tha...

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