Halloween preparation.

Halloween in Canada isn’t only on October 31st. At the beginning of October, people already start to decorate their houses or backyards with some skulls, some banners that says “Caution, danger !’. You can walk in your neighbourhood and see a cree...


It is the 1st of November, my suitcase is ready and I’m leaving tomorrow! I am soo sad, I would love to stay here for a few more months, but all good things must come to an end!

I spent three amazing months with an incredible family here. During this stay in Canada, I m...


A few days ago, my canadian family and I spent a day in Montreal. As you probably already know, this city is located in the Quebec. This city is the most populous municipality in the canadian province of Quebec. It is really important for the Montreal’s citizens to kee...


After almost three months here, I noticed how varied canadians people are. To illustrate my thoughts, I’ll take the example of my civics class, where I really realized it. In this class, we learn about racism, Canada’s laws, human traffic or abuses, and a lot of other...


The origin of Thanksgiving

Every year since 1621, on the second Monday of October, Thanksgiving is celebrated in Canada. This year I had the chance to experience this celebration. It was my first time because we don’t celebrate it in France. I was so excited to discove...


        I'm in high school here in Canada for more than one month, and I noticed a lot of differences between France’s school and Canada’s school. You can see a picture of my school above.

First of all, the canadian students have to choose four subjects c...


Hello ! I have sadly less than three weeks left in Canada, so I would like to talk about my perception after more than two months spent here. Let's begin !

Those two last months have been kind of intense for me because we did a lot of activities, but also because I...



I am now here, in Canada, since more than two months, I think it's a good time to make an update about how I feel about my English. Before I came here I already loved English, I was trying to watch my series in English with french subtitles, I was listening to a lot o...


The day after my arrival in Canada, we went camping  (which was a really good idea because I was immediately « immersed in it ». I quickly learned to know all the family, without the wifi and without my phone. I couldn’t talk to people in France and I think that it was...


At the end of the summer vacation, my canadian family organized a week long camping trip and a stay in Toronto. That was awesome! By the by I wrote an article about it called "The end of summer vacations". You can check it out if you want!

We also did a lot of activitie...


Hello, in this article I'll present you how I spend a typical day here in Canada when I have school !

I usually wake up at around 6:30 AM, then I get ready and eat. Beth (my correspondent) and I leave at 7:30 AM because we have to walk almost 25 min into schoo...


I arrived here, in Canada, the 12th August, after a loong journey because I had three different flights. One was delayed so we waited almost ten hours in the Paris’ airport. Fortunately, the association took care of the organization and we just had to wait. It was a go...

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