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Ⲧꛖꤕ ⰿ꤀ᥒեꛖ ꤀ғ Տꤕⱀեꤕⰿᖯꤕɾ !

Dernière mise à jour : 18 nov. 2019

Hi, I’m here to tell you what I am doing each weekend in September. So first, we celebrate the Babi’s birthday, the grandma of Grace on the Saturday and the Sunday we go for brunch to celebrate. This weekend, we are very tired so we do not do a lot of things but it is really good.

The second weekend of September so the 14 and 15, we go to Toronto. So Toronto is so pretty and this day there is a big sun so it is very good and more pretty. We visited the CN tower, aquarium, went on a boat and go to the big mall. The CN tower is very impressive and very good view of the city, it is incredible. When we go to the aquarium it is so funny because there is a lot to do. Then when we go on the boat it is very interesting because we see the city from different views and it is very beautiful. After we go to a big big mall and it’s so good. The Sunday, we stay at the home because Grace was sick.

The next week, we had a three day weekend, so we went to Niagara Falls for three days. During these three days, one day we went to the mall. And the other days we went to Niagara Falls, this environment is very cute and Niagara Falls is very impressive. We also do a lot of activities, we go in the Falls at a very different view and it was very interesting and we also go on a Jet Boat, I like this very much, I’m very wet at the end but I don’t care because I love this really. After the last we just go back at the home.

And for the last weekend of September, we don’t do a lot, Grace goes to see the University but the Sunday we go play mini golf with friends, it was very funny.

The time passed very fast, it has already been 2 months.

For the next blog it is the end. So, good bye and I hope you enjoyed my adventure!

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