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Hi, it has been several weeks since school has started, so I will tell you how it happened. I started school on Thursday, September 3rd. Grace and I are not in the same grade or class but I know her friends already. She has two good friend who also have an exchange partner. Before class started, I knew two of Grace’s friends, their names are Avery and Nicola and their exchange partners names are Eoline and Maud, they are from France. During holidays in August we went to the school to see the school an

d get my schedule, and also get my uniform. Grace helped me choose my courses so I take english, gym, photography and hospitality. I know people in photography and gym. My first week is good, I begin to be accustomed to having a uniform, eat lunch early and the rhythm of back to school. We take the bus but for me it is not a change because in French I take the bus as well. And now I have friends in all my classes, I am never by myself and I can talk to my friends. It is good and I really love this, I don’t want to leave. So the school helped me with my progress. I hope when I come back to France I continue to talk to people I've met in Canada. Maud, she has become my little sister because she is smaller than me and when I have a problem she helps me and I spend a lot of time with her. For Eoline, she talks with me a lot. For Grace because she is part of my family I hope to see her. For Avery and Nicola because I love this girls is so funny and I laugh and talk all the time with them. And for the others girls at the school I hope to continue talking with them on social media.

Thanks for following my adventure and reading it also. See you soon for the new adventure.

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