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Welcome in London

My family was really welcoming, since the beginning she considered me as a member of their family. Everything is nice I have my own bedroom and the house is really pretty. When I arrived, My correspondent was in Romania with her father, she came back two days later. During this two days, Livia the mother try to make me really comfortable and she introduce me to Alex the brother to not let me alone during my first two days. They also have a kitty, he arrived in the family two weeks before I come and it's a special cat because he didn't have a name, everyone can called him as he wants.


London, the city where i am is a nice city, the name is from London

in Great Britain there is a river called the Thames as in London too.

This city is also called forest city because of their giant park full of different species of trees.


Life in Canada is not exactly as in France for example they don't have time to eat, for breakfast they wait that everyone was awake before eating. At breakfast we eat everything it is a real meal we can eat eggs, bacon, fruits, and it happened that I ate a pizza on the morning, it was really strange.

Also in Canada they can hangout later than in France for example one time I Went to rock climbing with my host family at 7:30 pm and we came back at 10:00 pm. We can't do that in France !!!

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