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  • Anouk Rouzineau

My first moments

Maddy and me !!

In the beginning, my family was very welcoming, and I was comfortable from the beginning because they considered me like a member of their family!! I got along very well with my exchange student Maddy, we like the same things, stay at home and watch TV (in English of course)!! The first morning we went out to get breakfast at Tim Hortons and I was very surprised because for the breakfast it’s hamburger, bacon, egg… but why not!! They made me discover new food like corn on the cob, or beavertails… They showed me Costco, a big store that is a Super U but like an Ikea! You buy the things by 5kg, that’s very a cliché of “in North America all is bigger”!

When you buy toilet paper in Costco...

I met some friends of Maddy at *Tim Hortons* (of course!) and in Oshawa for a shopping day with the girls! They were all very nice, and very funny. Of course, it’s complicated to follow a conversation because they speak very fast and there are a lot of words that I don’t know but I’m here to learn and I find that the more days that pass, the more I learn different vocabulary and more I can understand!!

I also met the family of Maddy on the moms side for the kids’ birthday! Such a good moment, with beautiful meetings! They gave me presents like it was my birthday I was not ready for this, very amazing people and very funny children (or not but I can’t say more on this subject in a public blog 😂) Gillian’s brother (the mother of Maddy) offered me a shirt of Toronto hockey’s team! They said that now I am a true Canadian girl!!

All the family

We went to Toronto's zoo with Maddy, Ben (her brother) and his bestfriend Water ! It was amazing, they have all animals of the earth !!

Ben, Water and me
Beavertails !

I hope that you liked this first writing, I really spoke with my heart about my feelings and my impressions and I did not second-guess myself! This blog is a very good idea and I wish read this before my travel !

*Tim Hortons*: That’s a very famous coffee shop in Canada where all the teenagers hang out!

*Oshawa*: city in Ontario close to the lake

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