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I went to Toronto for the first time with Maddy. We took the train. I was very surprised because Toronto is very big, there are a lot of buildings and I have never seen that before, it's like a little New York! We walked a little bit in the city but it started to rain so went to eat lunch at McDonalds ! After that we went to a big Mall, with really all the stores that exist, that was so exciting! We wanted to go see the CN tower but we were surprised by a lot of rain, everybody was running, that was so much fun ! So we just went back to house after a very good day together !!

CNN Tower

On Saturday 15th we went to Toronto, all the family together, for a scavenger hunt using our phone, giving us clues to find some place in Toronto and tell the story of it ! So it was a lot of fun and a very good idea to learn more about Toronto and have fun in the same time !

For the dinner we went in a very beautiful district in Toronto called : Palmerston-little Italy to eat Korean barbecue ! I have never done that before, so it was a very good experience !!

At 8pm we went to a musical called "Come From Away" it was just amazing, I have no words to describe my feelings !

The history of the musical : It happens during the attack of the twin towers. The planes which had to land in New York city or just fly over were diverted and forced to land in a little town called Gander, in Newfoundland, a region in Canada. This city is very little and 38 planes arrived with thousands of people onboard. So this musical traces the story of the people and this town during those five days. It was very moving and we can really see how the people in Gander were very welcoming. Also how life is like, far from home and their family, in the city that they didn't know.

I have never seen a musical before, and it was a dream !! Many thanks to my family, for this beautiful experience !!

A little video of all the pictures of our day !! (There is a music in the back)

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