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  • Paul Lacire

My Trip to Canada!

Who knew that going to a foreign country, leaving almost everything you have behind at home to meet new people, expand my knowledge on one of three languages that I speak, and learn about the culture would be so... so... amazing, eye opening, horizon widening, captivating, daring, exciting, and new. Not only has this trip taught me more about the world outside of home but more about myself, who I am, why I really wanted to do this program, and how to go a little bit out of my comfort zone.

In this article, I hope to discuss my phenomenal experiences, and amazing trips that I have experienced throughout my time so far with my host family. Then I will describe how this trip has changed me as a person so far and how it has really opened my eyes to a whole bigger world than I had imagined.

The very first night I had landed here in Toronto, Ontario in Canada, I was swept off my feet and thrown into the Canadian culture and my journey of experiences right away. I went to my host's family friend's wedding! Even though, after a long plane ride, I was tired and jet lagged, I managed to stay awake to capture the beautiful experience of a Canadian wedding, and my first start off experience to Canada and it's diverse culture.

A couple of weeks later, my host family had brought me to Niagara Falls. I cannot explain the experience in words. It was incredible, breath taking, literally showering with amazement of how fascinating the falls were. We went on the boat ride and I got so wet as all the mist and water was in the air and splashed me all over. I also went zip lining over a part of the falls! It was so cool, I would definitely do it again and recommend it to anyone who is reading this.

At the end of August, the father of the host family took my exchange partner and I to Ottawa, Montreal, and Quebec city for a 2 and a half day road trip which was quite the experience. I got to see Parliament Hill and had classic poutine at Gaston's, which was delicious I could have it almost everyday!

Finally, right before school started, I went with my host family to their friend's island for 3 days. It was an amazing experience, I mean they had their own island! We went ski-bobbing, swimming, boat rides, island exploring and so much more. I absolutely loved it, I will never forget and it was one of the best experiences in my life.

So far I am loving school, I have 4 constant classes; Gym, Art, English, and Canadian History. I love the people and I have friends in every class, I love it here so far and hope I never leave, although I miss my family and friends and my cat back home.

The experience has totally opened my eyes to a whole new world. I always used to ignore how life in another country was, or how different cultures and lifestyles were like but now I want to go travel the whole world. This experience made me think of how I used to live at home and how a normal day in my life was compared to how a normal day in my life here in Canada. It made me become so much more appreciated for things I have back home that I don't have here, and it also made me be so grateful to have an opportunity to experience the things I have here that I do not have back home. As my experience continues, I continue to mature, and become more interested in the English language, the Canadian culture and in myself as a person.

This experience has so far been one of the best experiences I have had because not only is it fun, but it is eye opening, educational, and something very new. I never get bored and I love my host family. I can't wait to see what the rest of this experience has waiting for me. I am so glad that I took this chance, and I won't waste the time I have left.

- Paul Lacire

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