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  • Angèle Foulonneau

My Exchange Student And Her Family

My exchange partner is a girl called Catalina. She is super nice and talkative and from the moment I arrived she made me feel comfortable and as a part of her family.

Catalina lives in a home with her mother, Martha, her brother, Felipe,and her dwarf rabbit, in a quiet neighborhood called Barrhaven, in Ottawa. Martha is Colombian, she immigrated in Canada in 1985, so Catalina and her brother have a double nationality, Canadian-Colombian. Catalina's grand-parents only speak spanish but I can still comunicate a little with them because I know some spanish words. Also Martha and her children are bilinguals.

I spend a lot of time with Catalina's family, we talk, go to parks, eat in restaurants, go to the beach, watch movies, visit Ottawa and the cities surrounding it, go to the library, visit museums, go to the mall and always have a lot of fun!

Catalina is one year younger than me, she is fifteen and I'm sixteen. We have different lifestyles and behaviours but it never had been an issue, it is actually quite the reverse because we can learn from each other and we complete each other! It makes us a strong exchange student pair!

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