• Mélanie Lolichon

The beginning of a fantastic experience

Aug 11, 2018. The beginning of a fantastic experience. I just arrived in Toronto and my host family was waiting for me with this sign. I was so happy to meet them! It was like Claire, my exchange student, and I were already friends.She is nice, friendly and welcming, as the rest of her family.

We drove to St Catharines where I discovered their beautiful house. Claire is the only child in the house, but she has a brother and sister, who are older. I have met her whole family : cousins, aunts, uncles, grand parents and her niece. It is her sister's daughter. She is almost a year and a half. The family often spends time and has dinners together. I have helped Claire to watch her niece. She is learning to speack and tried to say 'Mel' for Mélanie. So I started babysitting in Canada. We also like cooking. We made banana breads, brownies, cookies...

Here, the family likes to do lots of things for Halloween. They are really excited about it. They decorate the house, cut pumpkins, watch Halloween movies...

They also like watching Bills games and ice hockey.

To conclure, I feel really good here with all the family. It was not easy to leave my family, my friends, my country and be like on my own. They did everything to make me feel good and they did it well. From the first days, I was like a member of the family. I am a shy girl and one of the reasons why I did the exchange was to help me with this. I believe it worked and I am very happy that I could participate to this exchange and live this experience.

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