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Back to school

Sept 4, 2018. First day of school in Canada. I go to Sir Winston Churchill in St Catharines.

The day of school starts at 9:20 and ends at 3:20p.m. We take the bus at 8:54 in the morning, close to the house. It is one of the yellow school buses that we can see in Americann movies.

I wake up at 7:45, eat breakfast, prepare the lunch and get ready to go. For the high school here, we often make sandwiches, salads or other lunches to take with us. There is a cafeteria there where we can get pizzas, fries, burgers...It is different than my french high school where we have a different menu every day. We never bring lunches. In Canada the school days are shorter than the french ones. We have the 4 periods of 80 minutes and in France I have 7 periods of 55 minutes. Here we can choose 4 subjects that we want for the semester and it is the same everyday. The first week I had the same classes as my exchange student, then I had to choose mine. I took history, Comm Tech, which is a bit of photography and videos, crafts ad english. Crafts is an artistic subject. We had to make cultual crafts so we chose a country. Mine was Australia. I made a boomerang and Aboriginal Dot Art with a partner. It had to be made with recycled objects. We used pieces of cardboard.

In Comm Tech, we had to play the intro of a TV show of our choice in groups. I played GravityFalls with my group.It is a Disney Channel show. I like my classes and I like that we work in groups for these two classes and we often have the opportunity to work in groups in the other classes too.

Sept 21 2018. Walk out at Sir Winston. We walked out, protesting the Ministry of Education's decision to repeal the 2015 health and physical education curriculum and temporarily replaced it with a curriculum first introduced in 1998.

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