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Canadian Cutural Festivals

During summer, there are a lot of festivals in Ottawa, each of them has a particular theme: country or culture. They permit people to learn more about that culture, their traditions, food, dances and songs. They are generally organised by churchs in order to make money.

I participated to two festivals this summer, the greek festival where I was volunteering and the latino-american festival.

The greek festival :

During my first week in Canada I volunteered with my exchange partner in the Greek festival from wednesday to friday. We were working 4 hours a day, until 8 pm. The first day was really hard for both of us because we didn't really had explanations of what to do and where to go. We were waitresses for the greek food, it was fast and difficult because I didn't understand much english and people talked fast. However, the next two days we were preparing salads. It was easier because I hadn't to talk that much.

The festival was really great, we discovered greek musics and dances, tasted greek food like tzatziki on pita bread (a sauce made of cheese, garlic and cucumber on a thin round bread) or spanakopitas (a sort of spinach and cheese pie). Around the festival, there was also colourful outfits and items that originally came from Greece. Overall, it was a great experience where I learned a lot and began to aprove my english.

The latino-american festival :

I went to the latino-american festival because Catalina's family comes from Colombia and they wanted to show me their cuture. I ate amazing spicy food, saw a lot of girls wearing colourful traditional dresses, heard a mexican rocker singer and saw latino dances, I loved it!

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