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  • Angèle Foulonneau

The Tornado In Ottawa

This Friday (21/09/18), Ottawa was hit by a tornado. It destroyed homes, cut down trees and much more.

When we received the alert from the town hall, nobody believed of a tornado in Ottawa. They had never seen that, but in fact it happened! Here is a video that shows pictures of it.

It also destroyed the power lines, I was part of the lucky ones because, for me, power was only down for 20 hours, but for some people it was during the whole weekend. During the evening we had to light candles to see in the house.

The fact that electicity was gone helped me realize how much we use it in our everyday life. Also it was different with Catalina (my exchange partner) because we were cut off all social networks. We sat on the porsh and learned songs from each other, ate cake and drunk juice, it was a nice moment with her that prooved to us that we don't always need internet to socialize and to have fun.

In fact, this tornado had terrible incidents on certain parts of the town and even caused injuries on some people. However, it also surprisingly had a good effect on many people that needed their home to be powerless to finally realize that all isn't about likes, comments and sharing, that outside, real life has so much more to offer that we don't see when we are focused on our devices. Like my anthropology teacher uses to say, "It is in the bad moments that people realize they need each other."

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