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  • Marie Decolasse

I discover a new sport

Last weekend I saw my first ice-hockey game.

The brother of my exchange student was playing.

It is the first year where the players are allowed to hit each other, so the game was very funny.

A guy from the other team was upset because his team was losing 4-1, so he start at least 3 fights and got 4 penalties!!

In the game there is three periods of fifteen minutes each and they usually flood the ice between the second and the third period.

On the ice there is three referees and it’s funny because every time the puck came to them they jumped to avoid it.

A player lost his stick so he had to go back to take it off the ice.

Sometimes the player does not go back to get his stick so they leave it on the ice and goes to his bench so the referees take it to him.

On the ice there are five players and one goalie, and the people on the bench change almost every 45 seconds.

If a team is losing, 30 to one minute before the end of the game they put the goalie on the bench to put a 6th player so they have a better chance to score a goal.

I really enjoy watching ice-hockey, it’s famous here like the soccer in france.

Fun fact:

- When you watch a game you can buy popcorn so it’s like you are watching a movie.

- Because it’s very cold in the Arena a lot of people came with blanket to watch the game.

-n some arenas, every time the game stopped they put a song,it is stopped immediately when the game starts again.

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