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  • Angèle Foulonneau

A Day In Montreal

On the first day of september, school hadn't started yet so my exchange's student family and I decided to visit Montreal.

We woke up early that morning to spend a whole day there. When we arrived, we explored the Saint Joseph Oratoire on the Mont Royal and the Saint Joseph church which was close to the chapel were the original priest lived.

After that, we went downtown and to the port. We ate in a restaurant where we could see the lake and then walked on the streets to discover some street artists, fabulous monuments and an amazing view. In a pathway full of trees and flowers we saw three just married couples with their bridemaides, groomsmen and photographers who were here to take their marriage pictures with a nice setting. We also saw a lot of carriages for tourists which were pulled by horses. Most of the monuments were in a Greek architectural style with pillars and marble.

Later, we visited the basilica Notre-Dame, it was so beautiful, the choir was blue and gold, it was incredibly impressive.

To finish the day, we sat at a table to eat beavertails, a canadian sugary culinary speciality which tasted really good. Later on, we walked besides the port at night. It was quiet and we could see Montreal from a different perspective, the buildings, in the dark being as beautiful as during the day!

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