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  • Angèle Foulonneau

National Gallery Of Canada

Every Thursday from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. the museums in Ottawa are free. So with Catalina, we decided to take advantage of this fact by visiting the National Gallery of Canada.

This museum is, from far away, already outstanding with its rounded roof made out of glass. It also has some outside exhibitions, like the huge spider in front of it called "Maman" and made by Louise Bourgeois in 1999. It was then, bought by the National Gallery in 2005 for 3,2 millions dollars!

Inside, we saw some amazing sculptures, paintings, prints, drawings and pictures. There was a entire part of indigenous art consisting of all the objects and clothes they used, it was really interesting, I learned a lot. The rest of the museum had art from everywhere on Earth, and most of the Canadian paintings represented the Canadian landscape in winter.

My two favourite sections in the musuem were the abscrat and photography parts. I have always been fascinated by the emotions that are passed by the abstract sculptures and paintings or by the pictures taken around the world.

This visit was, for me, really essential and rewarding, I enjoyed it and I won't forget it!

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