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Arrival & Family!

I arrived here, in Canada, the 12th August, after a loong journey because I had three different flights. One was delayed so we waited almost ten hours in the Paris’ airport. Fortunately, the association took care of the organization and we just had to wait. It was a good way to meet the other exchange students, talk and play games.

When I finally arrived at Ottawa’s Airport, several hours later, we saw all the families waiting for us at the bottom of the stairs. I saw a family and I greeted them, but it was the wrong one... After that, I found my real host family and we drove home.On the road, I saw all the typical houses out the car’s windows. I was so impressed and excited!

The houses here are really different from France! There are basements in every single one, which is usually where you watch TV, play ping pong,.. sometimes there’s also a bedroom and a bathroom in the basement. It’s a really casual and enjoyable place. From what I saw, all the houses in Canada are bigger than in France and they are all the same type. (Go and see the picture straight after) I really love the architecture here but Canada is not an old country so there isn’t a lot of historical or old monuments.

In my neighborhood, the houses look like the one below.

Now, let’s talk about my family !

My correspondent’s name is Beth, she’s fifteen years old. I’m so glad to be with her because we have the same hobbies, we usually watch the same series and listen to the same kind of music. I was a little bit worried that it would be annoying after a while to be always with the same person everyday for a few months. But it’s actually really cool to have a false sister! I really get along with her and we have good times together.

My little «host brother» is called David, he’s fourteen and he’s very kind and funny. He plays hockey and loves sports. I also live with Connor, the oldest brother (I actually already knew him before I came because he did this same exchange with my big brother. So, Connor spent three month in France at my home!)

All of us are going to the same high school. The parents are also really gentle, understanding and receptives with me. It’s a really nice family that I don’t want to leave in a few weeks!

Thanks for reading !

In the picture below, we can see my Canadian family and I at the first wedding.

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