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A typical day of school in Canada

Hello, in this article I'll present you how I spend a typical day here in Canada when I have school !

I usually wake up at around 6:30 AM, then I get ready and eat. Beth (my correspondent) and I leave at 7:30 AM because we have to walk almost 25 min into school. She also has two brothers who are going to the same high school, but we don't leave together because they usually leave the house late!

That's the view of the school on the morning !

According to what I understood, in Canada, the students have to go to the closest school from their neighbourhood. Except if they have some really good reasons not to go there ! That's why every single morning, you can see hundreds of students walking or biking to their school, because they all live close to it. There are even more teenagers walking home after the end of school, that's so impressive !

The first class of the day starts at 8:00 AM and every class lasts one hour and fifteen minutes. It is pretty long for me because I'm not used to that. In France, my lessons usually lasts only 50 minutes ! Fortunately, we just have four different classes per day so the school days are really short here.

After the second class, at 10:50 AM, we eat our lunches that we bring ourselves because the school's food is apparently not good at all. We usually just eat some sandwiches and wraps. That was really early for me at the beginning because I used to eat at like 1:00 PM or even later in France. Now, I'm accustomed to it and I like it.

Next, we have two other classes before the school day is over. At only 2:10 PM, we are done ! If you're interesting to know more about how's the school working in Canada, you can go check my article called "A surprising high school !" where I described and explained everything !

We usually walk with some friends and we are back home at around 2:50. It leaves us so much time to do different activities - homework, sports or just go out with some friends. We also eat dinner early, it can be at 5:00 PM or 6:00 PM ! Which is the time while I usually just eat a snack in France. It's really enjoyable on my opinion to eat early, because it makes me feel like the evening is interminable and I can do a lot of differents things.

That's it for one of my typical day of school, thanks for stopping by !


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