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The end of summer vacations

The day after my arrival in Canada, we went camping (which was a really good idea because I was immediately « immersed in it ». I quickly learned to know all the family, without the wifi and without my phone. I couldn’t talk to people in France and I think that it was really good for me at the beginning. This camping spot was a paradisiac place surrounded by lakes , such a beautiful view! We went with a family who were friends with my Canadian family.

On evenings, we were always going to the beach to watch those magnificent sunsets or we were eating roasted marshmallows around a campfire. We spent almost five days in this nice place, we went canoeing across the lake and we went for a few walks. We also found a place with waterfalls where we could slide down the slippery rocks which was so much fun! I also been swimming with Beth and the boys, and we gave food to some chipmunks!

After this great stay, we went back home to rest a bit and because we had a wedding (the first one of my three weddings in Canada!) It was a nice chance to see the canadian tradition and to meet much people! By the way, I was a little bit embarrassed at the beginning to be introduced with that many people at once. But I went out of my comfort zone and approached people.

They were all so nice to me and quickly made me feel comfortable! I especially liked meeting a french guy that used to lives in Paris. The funny thing when you’re in a foreign country is that all the other french become automatically your friends! Obviously we tried not to speak too much in french, but it was nice to meet someone else from France!

That wedding was definitely different from what I could know in France because they didn’t come to Church or the City Hall! It was a member of the family who married the newlyweds. I was surprised but it’s usual here, especially recently.

This wedding was really cool, I tried the « Poutine » for the first time, which is a typical meal in Canada (even if it’s just fries and cheese!) and that was so good.

At the end of the vacation, we went to the place I was anxious to go to...: Toronto! It was so impressive because there are a lot of tall buildings. When we were there, we visited the nice Aquarium and we went up the CN Tower where we could see all the city with this huge view! There is also a glass floor and we could see under our feet! It was vertiginous and so high.

Down below, the view of those high buildings in Toronto!

In Toronto, I went to my very first baseball game (and probably my last one!) which was super! We walked through the City and I felt like a tourist because I took so many pictures. We spent almost four night in Toronto, and one day, we went to the much talked-about « Niagara Falls »! The falls are very impressive! We climbed on a boat to be closer, then we were completely wet, but it was worth it!

That is basically everything I did with the family when I first arrived in Canada! That was soo much fun! We also did a lot of activities on other days (which I will talk about in another article.)

Thanks for reading !


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