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Celebrating Thanksgiving in Canada !

The origin of Thanksgiving

Every year since 1621, on the second Monday of October, Thanksgiving is celebrated in Canada. This year I had the chance to experience this celebration. It was my first time because we don’t celebrate it in France. I was so excited to discover how it really is!

First of all, I learnt that Thanksgiving is celebrated on a different date every year and according to the countries. The canadians celebrate it on the second Monday of October, however, the americans celebrate it on the fourth Thursday of November. This year, Thanksgiving was celebrated on October 8th in Canada. The United States of America are going to celebrate it on November 22.

To summarize, this celebration come from America and originally, the idea was to express how thankful the pilgrims were about the successful harvest and blessings of the past year.

A kept tradition through the years.

Nowadays, on Thanksgiving, families get together for a family meal and there are a lot of rituals. They divide the tasks so that everyone prepare and bring food for everyone. It is usually turkey, gravy, stuffing, potatoes, bread, beans, different salads and vegetables.

They also made some pies for the dessert, like pumpkin pie for example. Obviously, every families didn’t keep the tradition to eat turkey and all this traditional food, but most of the Canadians still do it. Thanksgiving is a very nice and friendly moment that people can share with their relatives !

How I liked my Thanksgiving !

On October 8th, I spent Thanksgiving at Beth’s grandma’s house with some cousins, uncles, aunts and obviously, my canadian family. I met a lot of people for the first time and that was so great! We talked, we ate and I really enjoyed this evening. The tables were decorated and the atmosphere was warm and welcoming. It was a good experience for me !


A few days before the real day of Thanksgiving, Beth, some friends and I, decided to have our own “Friendsgiving” this year. It is the same principle as Thanksgiving but just between friends ! We also prepared stuffing, gravy and vegetables but evidently, the meal was not as well cooked as the real Thanksgiving !

Besides, we actually ate some chicken instead of turkey because it was easier and we all had an amazing time together !

Thank you for reading this article!


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