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  • Marie Decolasse

How to make a good pumpkin

Since tomorrow is Halloween, we did our pumpkins the night before.

The recipe for perfect pumpkin: To do them right you have to follow a few step.

- First, you go pick you pumpkin, at a store or a farm.

- Then cut your pumpkin at the top and take out the seeds, Shave the inside so you can cut it easily because the wall is thinner.

- Choose your stencil it and stick it with tape on the pumpkin and then make little dots with a toothpick to draw your model.

- After that take the stencil off and start carving the form, you can use a pumpkin carver or even an electrical one!

Take your time to carve it because you want your pumpkin to look good.

- When it’s done make sure that there nothing left inside the pumpkin and put a candle inside.

- To finish put the top of the pumpkin back and place your pumpkin where you want, usually people put it at the front of their house.

It was my first time making a pumpkin and it was a lot of fun.

We took the seeds and grilled them in the oven. The mother of Amber, Melissa made some salted one and some sweet ones, they were very tasty but i prefered the salted one.

It was a great experience to do and really fun.

Fun fact:

When Amber was doing her pumpkin she broke it! But she fixed it and after that it looked like that nothing even happened.

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