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Halloween in Canada !

Halloween preparation.

Halloween in Canada isn’t only on October 31st. At the beginning of October, people already start to decorate their houses or backyards with some skulls, some banners that says “Caution, danger !’. You can walk in your neighbourhood and see a creepy hand coming out of the floor and some pumpkins on the porch of most of the houses. Besides, during fall in Canada, the trees are really colorful, so much more than in France and it is beautiful. It is also the beginning of the cold period and people watch a lot of horror movies, I really love this “spooky” atmosphere!

As you know, Halloween is a super commercial event in a lot of countries. In Canada, it is a huge event! And apparently in the United States it is even more important ! In all the canadian groceries they sell decorations, candies, chips, costumes and pumpkins. The whole month of October is dedicated to Halloween. Furthermore, there are some fields full of pumpkins and people go there to buy some and carve them.

The weekend before Halloween, I went to a farm called “Saunders Farm” with some friends. It is a place with differents creepy rides, installed just for this season. We arrived there at 6:00 PM and we left at 9:00 PM. During this evening, we did six rides, it was so impressive and scary but we had so much fun!! The settings, the actors and the attractions were amazing ! We also ate some beavertails, this is a typical canadian snack. If I can give you a piece of advice: try it it is sooo delicious ! They also made me discover cinnamon buns for the first time and it was delectable!

The day before Halloween, I carved some pumpkins with my family while we were listening to some Halloween songs. It was my first time because I’ve never been doing it at home, but I think I did it pretty well for a first time. When I saw some carved pumpkins I thought it was so hard to make but it’s actually really easy! I liked to do that so much, that was so fun to make! We also decorated the front of the house with spiderwebs and a lot of other spooky stuff. And to continue with the spooky season, we went to the theatre to see Halloween 2! We carved the pumpkins the day right before Halloween so we were pretty late comparate to the neighbours who did it at the beginning of October !

The exact day of Halloween!

October 31st is usually a school day in Canada because they don’t have holidays in October other than Thanksgiving. At school, a lot of people dressed up: Harry Potter, Scooby Doo, dinosaurs, cats, witches… We saw lots of different and amazing costumes ! From the simple cat’s ears to the complete dinosaur costume! A cake sale was organized in the hallway, every students gave money to his classroom’s teacher during the previous week.

Then, every class had a nest egg and on the real day of Halloween and two students bought cakes for everyone in the class with that money. Most of the cakes were made by the teachers and the money is going to go to an India association. That’s a great approach and the cakes were soo good!

Right after school, we dressed up and I went at my friend’s house. We ate pizzas, hung out a bit and went trick or treating but not for a longtime! It was really cold outside but we had so much fun and we collected a bunch of candies. I never had that much candies on Halloween and I think I’ll bring some in France in my suitcase because there are a lot that we don’t have in France !

I spent the evening with my friends but we couldn’t have a sleepover or a party because we had school the day. It was a really good evening, and unfortunately the last one here with my friends…

I’m glad that I had the opportunity to spend Halloween here and I hope it is not the last time!

Thanks for reading!


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