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  • Salome Dano

That's the end...

It is the 1st of November, my suitcase is ready and I’m leaving tomorrow! I am soo sad, I would love to stay here for a few more months, but all good things must come to an end!

I spent three amazing months with an incredible family here. During this stay in Canada, I made some unforgettable friends, discovered Canada, it’s culture, and the typical (and amazing) canadian food. I saw some wonderful landscapes, whether in the bigs cities like Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal or the “nature” when we spent a week at a camping or even when we did some walks. I think that coming here during August, September and October was the perfect period of the year. I had the chance to see Canada during summer, with a nice weather and a shiny sun. We went to the beach, we swam in a lake…

Then, I also saw the colorful trees in Fall, I was amazed because in France the leaves are not that red or orange. And finally, those last week looked more like a winter weather ( I mean, for me, because January in Canada is usually -20*C than 2*C! So I actually probably prefer leaving before it’s freezing!) Last Sunday, I even had the chance to see snow for a day !

Besides, I’ve been in Canada for a part of Summer and I also experienced high school for two months. I loved it, it is so different compared to the french school system and I prefer the canadian one so much!! It is more free, playful and students are closer to the teachers. Furthermore, school days are so short and the canadians can choose fun classes. But even the subjects like civics and careers are so interesting! They are more aware about racism, abuses etc. than we are in France.

I discovered a new culture, not that unlike from France compared to some other foreign countries, but still different at some points! I had the chance to celebrate Halloween and Thanksgiving as a real canadian !

Canada really won my heart ! I would love to come back for like a longer period, summer or even live here later ! In any case, I’ll come back for sure, because this country is fantastic !! Canadian are so warm and kind. And also so welcoming and open-minded with foreigners.

I don’t regret at all that I did this exchange and I wish I will do other exchanges in the future ! But above everything, I improved my english a lot, and now I can have fluent running conversations, I understand (almost) everything and I watch all the movies in english. My pronunciation and my accent have improved a lot. Now I feel more comfortable to speak in english with anyone !

I’m glad that the association encourages the exchange students to write vocbulary in a notebook and write everyday our day in english. I know that I wouldn't had done it by myself, and it helps a lot to improve my english.

I wish every single teenager could try an experience like this one, this is so enriching ! If you want to try it but you don’t dare, just go for it ! I learned a lot about myself and how to go out from my comfort zone during this exchange!

I am so grateful to my parents, my canadians family, my canadians friends, my correspondent, the school and the association to enable this to happen. Thank you so much ! Those three months were incredible and unforgettable. The hardest thing is to leave!

Thanks for reading!


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