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  • Marie Decolasse

Pink day !!

Two day's ago it was pink day,

it’s a day to fight against the breast cancer.

By selling shirts to the students, the school raised more than 23 000$. Some people did a full outfit in pink.

I wore my pink shirt that i bought from the school, black leggings with high pink socks, a pink bandana and some pink sparkles on my face, which were not easy to take off…

During the day we had to go to our first period like usual than to your second period so the teacher can see who is here and then we went to the gym. It was all dark inside with just pink light.

Every student came and sat in the gym then the pep rally started.

They first showed us a video about breast cancer and then congratulate us for raising so much money and they that now we can celebrate the money we raise.

We played some games like heads or tails and the person who went the longest won a speaker.

The teachers then played musical chairs, there were one teacher of each department who was playing and every time

a teacher lost they got a plate full with whipped cream on their face. We also played lip sync battle, head and tail, and who scream the loudest. Because it's the last year of th grade twelve they win all the game except for head and tail because it's a game of luck.

When the pep rally was finished we got a free lunch, it was chips with an hamburger and a pop.

For the afternoon there was a game of football and volleyball, because it was raining everybody came inside to watch the game of volleyball. We won the game.

we took a lot of pictures it was crazy.

Fun fact:

- After that we played lip sync battle and a kid from grade twelve arrived on stage and start taking his shirt of, everyone was surprised until we saw that he was wearing a dress from Frozen and he start singing let it go, it was so funny so he won the contest.

- For the lunch the can were in store in a trash ( clean of course) there were so many trash for the can at least 6.

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