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Mis à jour : 7 oct. 2019

Hi !

So today it’s my second post on this blog !

On the 19th of August, we went in Ottawa to discover the capital of Canada. We had to ride five hours, I’m always a little bit sick in car but it was okay...

When we arrived, we visited the town.

I was very impressed to see all of these huge towers ! Ottawa is a mix of old buildings and new buildings: it’s very pretty !

On the second day in Ottawa, we visited the Parlement : I could learn some things about Canada’s history : it was rewarding.

On the afternoon, we did some shoppings in the downtown and we walked on the Rideau Canal : it was very pretty !

On the third day, we went in Québec to do zipline ! For three hours, it was if we flewing in the air. Normally, I’m affraid of emptiness but I succeeded to surpass myself so I’m proud of me !

For the last night, in Ottawa, we watched the fireworks on the Parlement Place : it was the most beautiful fireworks I’ve never seen in my life !

I hope you enjoyed ! next step : canadian school, I can’t wait !!

thanks for reading :)

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