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A Day in my Canadian Highschool

Hello it’s Lise, holidays are over and time to back to school…It has been three weeks since school has started and I wanted to share my experience in a Canadian highschool. Actually the main difference that I could notice between France and Canada is the school system. Are you ready to spend one day with me at my highschool ? I hope so…

A school year in Canada is separated into two semesters : from september to january is the first one and from february to june is the second one. Students have to choose four periods for the first semester and four more for the second semester and at the end of january and june they have their exams on their four classes. A school day contains four periods that are one hour and ten minutes each with one hour for lunch. Usually, the first period begins at 8.45 AM but students should be in the class a few minutes before the bell. In the first period, we have to listen the Canadian national anthem and students must stand up and be quiet to show their respect. When the bell rings we have five minutes to get to our next period, so we have to hurry a little bit. Then, at 11:25 AM we have one hour of break to eat until 12.25 PM. At my school there is a cafeteria but most of the students bring their own lunch box or go outside and buy some food from a food truck or at Tim Horton’s. I usually join my friends near the lockers to sit and eat our lunch that we prepare in the morning. After that, we have the third period and then the last one, I finish at 3:00 PM Most of the students go back home but some people stay to participate in school activities like basket-ball, American football or music…

If you read this article and you will be coming soon to Canada and go to highschool, I advise you to take some courses that you don't have in your own country. For example, I took World History, ESL ( English for international students ), Travel and Tourism, and Nutrition and Health. You also must know that the teachers in Canada are very friendly with their students and I think it is better this way, it creates a good relationship. Some teachers allow us to bring some food in class or use our phones.

As you can see, French highschools and Canadian highschools are really different in their schedules, ways to eat, and the choice of courses. I am really enjoying my experience in a Canadian highschool.

Thanks for reading and see you in the next article.


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