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A Day in Toronto !

Mis à jour : 5 sept. 2019

Few days ago I went to Toronto with my host family and some friends of my exchange partner’s sister.

We left home at 9 o’clock so we arrived there at 10:30am.

First we took a break to walk at the Lake Ontario’s edge and take some photos with the CN Tower in the background.

Then we went to the city center and visited the Ripley’s Aquarium at the bottom of the Tower.

There was a place where we were going through a tunnel under a big transparent aquarium and it was really impressive to see so many types of fishes, corals and other sea animal all around me.

After eating a hotdog for lunch we went all the way to the top of the CN Tower to have a 360°’s view of Toronto between buildings, little houses and the lake.

Thereafter we bought tickets to take the boat on the lake.

We ate ice-cream wile waiting for the boat

The cruise lasted about 45 minutes. It was fantastic !

We were very lucky because the weather was really good !

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