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A moment as a baseball player

This week, I attended for the first time a training session for my pen pal during her baseball class. The family had already taken me to see games in the nearby cities and explained the rules of baseball very complex but very interesting. Alyssa introduced me to her sport. (she also plays hockey like most of her friends)


Here, I will explain you the easiest as possible the rules of baseball that I could discover by the explanations of the family.

A baseball game is play with two teams of nine people, a team in attack and other in defence.

  • In attack, players must hit the ball in turn with the bat and run passing on three blocks and to finish return to the base. (where the ball was hit)

  • In defense, the objective is easy, recover the ball as quickly as possible. The defense team's goal is to eliminate three opponent for after, be in attack (the only way to have point)

Ways to eliminate an attacker are:

  • In catch the ball hit before that she touches the grass.

  • In tagging, ball on the hand, a runner who is not on a block.

A point is win when a player has finished is run after passing from the three bloks and return to the base.

A baseball game is composed in nine round of play. (inning)

On each inning, the two team go one time in attack and in defense.


The players of the attacking team take turns batting. Their goal is to hit the ball thrown by the pitcher and run on the 3 blocks and thus score a point. Each ball that the batter does not arrive is a strike. If it is not in the catch area, it is a bad ball. When the batter misses 4 balls, he goes to the first block.

I hope you will understand my explanations. I also had trouble understanding these rules at the beginning. :)


Here is a brief summary of the baseball equipment that Alyssa introduced me to (thanks for her participation. :) )


The role of the batter is to hit the ball as far as possible in order to have a long running time (to score points) and that someone does not catch the ball. I saw Alyssa in that position and I was very impressed. First of all, she has to hit the ball really hard which doesn’t look easy. Then, I could see that the whole team counts in turn on the batter because if he makes a good throw then his team has more chances to score points. Then, for my part, I would be very afraid to get shot in the head despite the protections. Finally, I was told that behind every launch there is a strategy. So I understood that it was a very physical sport (mentally and physically)

helmet baseball bat gloves


Alyssa occupies the position of catching ball at the second block. While watching her play, I could notice some things that surprised me. First of all, the ball hits her very fast and very hard. Then she throws the ball back once caught with a lot of power which I found impressive. And finally, she has to predict where the ball will come from and she has to analyze quickly to throw the ball back and stop the opponent’s race so they don’t score points.

infielder mask ball baseball glove

Thanks for reading about this part of my trip,

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