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A moment as a hockey goalie

Dernière mise à jour : 30 sept. 2019

This week-end, I went with Alyssa and her friends for the first time to a hockey game. I already saw hockey because Alyssa, (like the majority of students) play hockey. I have been to all of her tryouts. A tryout are to evaluate each players talent level. Three tryouts are necessary. Players are being judged by people who don’t know any of the players, to make it fair. Players are selected based on their talents to determined what team level they will be playing on.

In Alyssa's family, her father and her brother play hockey too. John (her dad) is even a referee of hockey so he can officiate some games on the week-ends.



The rules are almost similar to football in France so the purpose is to make points by shoot the hockey puck in the goal of the opponent team.

In contrast, hockey is much more violent. Indeed, when I saw the hockey match, I was very surprised to see players throw themselves against the walls to catch the puck to the opponent.



The purpose of a hockey goalie is to stop the puck from going into the net to protect it.

During Alyssa's tryout, I asked Shelly (her mom), why Alyssa wanted to become a goalie and according to her, a day being younger, during a practice with her team, they didn't have a goalie so Alyssa volunteered to become the goalie. Since this moment, she never left this post.

The mask that The glove to catch The stick and goalie pad All the

protects her from a the puck equipment of

puck shot in the air a hockey goalie


For me, this sport is more exciting than baseball because there are more actions and it's fascinating to see how they slide on the ice (because it is so complicated for me. :) )

Thanks for reading about this part of my trip,

Louise DOCHE

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