• Lochu Ganaël

A New Family

I'm Ganaël and my exchange partner is Félix.

This trip is an opportunity to improve my English,

The hostess on the plane to Canada did not speak french so I asked for water because I couldn't ask for a sweet drink.

From the first day, I found my place in the family.

I dried the dishes and Félix put them away.

The family of Félix is ​​great and their cooking is so good (a bit too spicy), their dog Rupee is too cute and she even has her own Instagram account.

Before coming I was very afraid of being in a lost corner where the smallest village would be 1 hour away, but the nearest village is only 5 minutes by car.

People here easily take the car for a small trip.

Here the landscape is beautiful. The house is located opposite a huge lake and in the morning when I get up, I see the lake and mountains filled with trees which make me smile.

The houses here are more like mobile homes with color variations and they do not use a fence and their vehicles are much bigger than in France.

My arrival in Canada was great.

I have seen and discovered a new way of life that I did not know and my English is better but I still have a lot of trouble.


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44000 Nantes


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