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A new life in Toronto !

Hello everyone,

I have been in Toronto for one month and I can now feel the big difference there is between a trip and an exchange. In fact, my

exchange partner's high school is becoming mein and my trip here really becomes like a different life with different friends, a new house, and a different language. I begin to be able to take the subway to go around the city, and I meet some people in UTS ( my high school ) and Nicholas's friends.

Some of my classes are also different from Nicholas's one and some of them are on Topic we don't have in France, such as Drama or American history.

What is very nice is that I still discover new things every day, such as baseball :

I have seen a blue jays match this week-end and eaten the famous marshmallows and crackers with chocolate !

I am also really looking forward to thanks giving, which will be a new tradition for me with the famous pumpkin pie ( which Nicholas's twin brother, Sebastian, seems to love )and it will also be a way to meet all Nicholas's family.

I think what I enjoy the most in this exchange is that I am discovering Canada, Canadian culture and Canadians like if I was one.

See you soon, maybe in Canada !

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