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A typical fall weekend in Ottawa

Dernière mise à jour : 18 nov. 2019

Hi I am Adèle and this is my first article.Yes I know it’s already late October, but I wanted to talk about something I excepted from Canada: fall with all the colors, hiking in the woods and the preparation for halloween, all of this happened last weekend! I hope through my article that you will live my amazing but basic fall experience!

After school one of my exchange partner’s friend came and we baked cookies and ate them while watching a halloween movie it was so cool to see friends outside school!

On Saturday morning I went with a part of my host family to Carp farmer’s market in city close to mine. It was so nice. I really enjoyed this market where we found a lot of good vegetables, pastries and homemade baked-goods. I also met a french seller it was so nice to talk french a bit, a little break!

On Saturday afternoon we went for a hike with an other part of my host family and it was beautiful! The colors are not the same in France. I enjoyed it because I know that I will really miss this!

Sunday was a chill day where we bought our pumpkins with my exchange partner and I then we carved them. I was struggling but my exchange partner helped me and I love the results!

That is all for my weekend and my article. I hope that you enjoyed it and lived a little bit of my exchange through this article. See you soon!

Adèle Pinault

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