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A weekend to discover Ottawa

This weekend, one of Michelle(Maggie's mother)'s friends from hightschool put us up in Ottawa, and allowed us to enjoy the city for 2days. After our rugby game on Friday, we set off, but with Maggie, we slept most of the three hours drive because we were so tired !! We arrived at Ottawa around 10pm so we didn't do anything special. On staturday we walked in the downtown, that was super lively and I really enjoyed it. I ate the very famous "Poutine" in the market, and that was so good but very copious. This is basically french fries with a loooot of cheese and sauce !!! Then we went to the Parliament and walked in the park. The leaves are starting to turn into a scarlet red so that was beautiful all those differents colours. Before going back home, we ate a traditional pastry from Ottawa : the Beavertail. That was so good but very caloric ! Ottawa is also very close to Quebec, actually you cross the bridge that you can see in the picture and there you are, so a lot of people speak....french !!!!! And it's the truth, they definitely have a big accent, I wasn't able to understand everything they said.

On saturday night, we went to a hockey game. That was my first hockey game and I loved it so much. I didn't know any of the rules but Maggie have played hockey for a long time, so she explained it to me. The Senators (Ottawa's team) won so the atmosphere was very cool. The funiest part of this evening is when we were on the big screen ! Right behind us, they were a group of friends in there 20's with a sign. They had writen on it "My friend Martin is single" with his phone number, and their goal was to be on those big screen to be seen by everyone !! So they made a lot of noise and they finanlly succeed and because we were just below them, we were on the screens too. It was so embarrassing, we didn't know where to look at !!

Finally, on Sunday, we went apple picking. It was a bit cold but the sun was shining so that was nice. When we got back home, we made an apple pie and apple sauce !!

Thank you to Michelle (Michelle's friend) for this amazing weekend in Ottawa, I really enjoyed this city with a lot of parks and green space. And as a sport fan, I loved discovering a new sport : ice hockey !!

By and I hope you didn't fell asleep reading my article ;-)

Below, my haphazadrly photos ....

Eva xxx

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