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After a week back

Dernière mise à jour : 18 nov. 2019

This is it. My last post, which also really means the end of my three amazing months.

After one week back in France, I miss so much Canada. I was use to live in there, with my host family, a different school system and so nice friends but I came back into reality of France. Now the only thing I’m waiting for is when my exchange partner will come in France. I’m so excited to show her my life here.

I bring back home so much memories and things I think who will change my way of life and thinking. I learnt a lot and this experience made me grew up for sure.

I had to get out of my comfort zone and now I think I’m more open to people and less shy to talk. I’m also more independent now, I don’t absolutely need people all the time around me and I can just figure it out and benefit of myself. In Canada I thought people judged less than in France and everyone could go to school for example with sweatpants and Birks. So now, since I came back, I just decided to care less about others and just keep living like Canadians!

Even for school, I think I’ve progressed to write because I made a lot of essays, all in english! Now I’m so much better than before in the language. I didn’t really seen myself evolve but I just need to compare the beginning and now to know I really improved during these three months as much for the accent or the vocabulary. My English is still far from perfect but I can talk with more fluidity, have a conversation easily, understand and write with much more facilities. I feel just so enlightened after this trip.

During all my travel I taste a lot of food. Some were new like specialties from Canada : maple syrup, bagels with cream cheese, ginger ale, ice sandwiches, poutine, reeses (treats with chocolate and peanut butter). And others where just really cool recipes or better products than in France like corn, chocolate mint cheesecake, ginger beef or banana cake. I’m going to reproduce or trying to buy all what I’ve eat in Canada so all those things are great.

Last meal with my family

I’m so glad to have shared my culture with everyone and discover theirs. Some people was really interested and curious about France. They where so nice saying they liked my accent and asked me a lot of questions. I made real friends with whom I’ll stay in touch and I’m sure I’ll see again if they come in Europe or if I go back to Canada.

In the plane just before I cried and realize I was really living Edmonton and I will miss my friends so much.

After three months, I think I can say I am a real Canadian now : I voted in my school (It was not for real obviously because we are not 18, but as a survey during the national elections), I carved pumpkin for Halloween like every Canadians have done at least once, and I love Tim Hortons, especially their ice cap. I’ll really miss this Canadian chain of restaurant (popular for their donuts and coffee). I’m so sad there aren’t any in France. We don’t have even an equivalent. But to comfort myself, I bought just a Tim Horton’s cap to bring back in France and now in the morning I drink my hot chocolate in the bus like a Canadian!

These months was too fast and I’m sad it’s over but I keep wonderful memories from Canada that I will never forget. I encourage everyone to do the same experience, even if you are scared it’s worth it. For me, the first week was hard. I was away from people I like with an unknown family and everything new for me. I didn’t know what I was going to do next days and I was tired from the plane. But in fact three months are absolutely not too long, I didn’t saw time passes because after, we started to do more activities and I discovered everything step by step. I learnt to know better my family and my exchange partner who became a super friend. So if you have the opportunity to do it, don’t hesitate it’s always getting better and you can only benefit of this trip. I saw a quote on one of the door in my school that said “let your dream bigger than your fears”.

Thanks for reading all my posts!

Fanny :)

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