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Already 1 month !

Today I’ve done my second week in school and I can’t believe that is been already 1 month I’m here, in Canada !

I’m now really well integrated in my family, I know their functioning and habits. The house where I am staying at is very active, for example there are always a lot of friends of my host sister who are coming to play after school.

Most of the time we play card game like President, Uno or “Milles Bornes” it’s a french game that I brought and they love it !

Furthermore here we don’t eat at the same hours as in France, we eat earlier and I’m glad because we always eat together which, I know, isn’t the case for all the families here.

My second week at school was very good.

I’ve cooked my first recipe in my Food/Nutrition’s class : some chocolate chip cookies. It was delicious ! So with Jessica (my exchange partner) we have decided to cook them again tomorrow ! And next week we’re going to cook oatmeal cookies.

Then I learned in history that the name of my high school, Sir John A. Macdonald (SJAM) is the name of the first Prime Minister of the Canada.

And about my first class of Business Technology, which I was not supposed to attend, I finally enjoy it. I learnt how works a computer and now how to use all the functionality of Google Docs.

In regards to the lunch at school it’s also different than in France, here everybody bring them own lunch or go buy something in the pizzeria near the school.

Oh and with Jessica I took my first lesson of drawing, I think it’s a way for me to learn because I’m a very bad drawer,

We’ve begun with shading.

Thanks for reading.

See you soon !

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