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Alyssa pulled over by the police

This Wednesday, September 11, when Alyssa was driving back from her baseball try out, driving a bit fast, a police car (OPP in Ontario: Ontario Provincial Police) came unexpectedly in the opposite direction. They did the flashing light for us to stop. Alyssa then started to become very stressed it was very funny! In the car there were only 3: Alyssa the driver, her mother Shelly the copilot and me behind. Alyssa has not her licence yet but she needs an accompanied driving. It is a very weird thing to be able to have your licence in Canada at 16, but I think that it is good because it makes young people more independent. This was the first time she has been stopped by the OPP. She was at 115 kilometres per hour instead

of the 80 kilometres per hour allowed. She risked losing 4 points and a fine but in the end she only got a warning. She did well.

It was a very funny experience that I’m not going to forget :)

Thanks for reading about this part of my trip,

Louise DOCHE

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