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Amazing school

Mis à jour : 23 oct. 2019

My first week of school was not the best, because I don't have any class with Mark (my exchange partner) or his friends because they are a part of the "french emmursion program" with most of the classes in french. However, after the initial week I met a lot of very nice studens in all my classes and I quickly many new friends.

School in Canada is very different from those in France.

First of all students can come and go as they please. Teachers don't really care. Moreover the classes you can choose are pretty cool, I chose Drama, computer science, business... In France we don't have all these choices. Another difference is the teachers, they are very close to the tennagers and are very helpful if towards those who have difficuties.

I really enjoy the school because I find the classes very easy execept that it's in english and we finish every day at 3:15pm which allows for us to do many differents things after school.

If I can give advice to anyone who would like to do an exchange : it's really important to do an activity or a sport after school, I do cross country and it was here where I met the most of my friends.

My cross country team !!!

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