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SEPTEMBER | An interesting discovery of Canada

Dernière mise à jour : 18 nov. 2019

During this month of September , I could visit different Canadian places and also discover the Canadian culture , I did something every weekend ,so I was shared between the weekdays I had school and the weekend I visited Canada , so I was very busy.

First , the nature, I had the luck to discover a park in a conservatory area , I went twice to this park , but in two different places , the first time was in a forest and with my partner ’s family and the second time with friends and it was also in a forest, but near a lake it was wonderful , it was very beautiful and exactly what I expected of Canada, the nature , the lakes and the maple trees . I also really liked the fall in Canada because they have so many trees , so the whole landscape became orange, red or brown and I really enjoyed it during my 45 minutes walking to go to school every day , it was so pretty . I would like to have more trees in France and know that will miss that .

Secondly, the biggest city in Canada , I went two times to Toronto in September, both times were with my family . The first day , we went to the aquarium , afterward we went up at the top CN tower, the view has been just awesome , it was amazing to see the lake Ontario but also the big building of Toronto . I find that this city looks like New York , except for the fact that in Toronto there are a lot more trees , so it’s a bit prettier in some neighborhood . And we went to some museums like the Rome, but I didn’t really like it , It’s very big and my exchange partner didn’t take the time to read the explanations, so we did it pretty fast , I think Canadians don’t really like the museums , because contrary to France they don’t have a lot of those , and we also visited a castle “la CASA Loma”but the next weekend, it was funny to see how many things come from the french style . By the way , I also noticed that at school, they speak a lot about Europe and especially France and they have a lot of french things like french fries or french toast and even us we don’t call those like that and we have nothing which is Canadian …. or even English “things” so it’s very interesting to speak about what foreigners think about France and all of the stereotypes that they have about us . Anyway , I loved this city , it’s just awesome and impressive , so different than France , the buildings are so huge , but you feel safe , there are a lot of different districts , Chinese or the very fancy neighborhood, where you can see the huge and very pretty houses .

During this month of September I also did some fun activities , I returned to Canada’s Wonderland for the second time , I went to the ice rink with friends , and I was surprised how many of those they have in one city , it was a very good time I enjoyed the fact to do something without my family , even if they are very sweet and the times shared with them are usually pretty good, but you know change the people with whom you usually hang out , it’s nice .And with those same friends we went in a drive-in , it was awesome , we watched the movie , The new Lion King , from the roof of the car and ate Canadian goodies . I really liked this moment .

The CN tower , September 29 th

Thanks for reading my article and enjoy your last days in Canada .

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