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An Unexpected Journey !

Dernière mise à jour : 7 oct. 2019

Hello ! My name is Eliott and this is my first article on this website ! (I had few problems to access in the account (Sorry for the late) but now It's all good !)^^

I've been in a amazing family in Orillia (150km of Toronto). There is Andréa the mother, Ky the father, Loïc the brother of my exchange student and Zéa, my correspondant.

Zéa is a girl very amazing with who I did a lot activities very funny and cool !

They are a cat very cute ! Her name is Eve ! And sometimes, she comes toward me for doing hugs ! ^^

Meals in Canada are very different to the France, because :

-For the Breakfast : We eat around 9 P.M when It's the week-end and 7:30 A.M when It's a School day. So ,we eat eggs, brown bread, and sometimes bacon ! Often, during the week-end or, event during the week of the School, we eat Pancakes with Maple Sirop and Peanut Butter ! (A discover very amazing).

-The lunch : We eat around 1 P.M when I am in the family, so we eat a little bit of everything because the lunch is not a moment like the Breakfast or the dinner.

When I eat the lunch in the School, it's for my planning, around 11 A.M and I eat with my correspondant in her caf of her school. So We eat in the lunch box when sometimes, We eat sandwiches and muffins for the dessert ^^ (Yummy).

-The dinner : The particularity of the Canadian, They eat very early ! At 6 P.M ! The first time when I eat in this hour, I was so disturbed but after It's became a rituel !

Before The School starts, I went with Zéa at her bestfriend Brooklyn ! We passed in an afternoon complete in the mall and we have a lot laughing ! The evening, we played together and I could speak with another person ! I was so happy ^^

I could meet the Ky's family ! It was good moments and each time I met someone, I was so glad !

We have eating marshmallow in the fire ! It was so good ! Actually, I believe that It was the first time that I ate marshmallow like that ! Delicious ! ^^

Thank you for reading ! I'm going to post later ^^! See you later !

(Picture of the street where my family live)

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