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It’s been now one week, I went to Archbishop Jordan, my Canadian high school. So it’s more than the time for me to talk about it and my daily life at school.

I like school in Canada much more than France for a lot of reasons.

The big gym for school gatherings during events and where the sports team play in general

First, every day is the same schedule and we finish early at 3:15! So a lot of people are involved in sport team from school like football, volleyball or swim-team. I love having more time after school to hang out with friends or do extra activities. It’s also appreciable to have a rhythm who don’t change. This allow us to work more regularly without changing subject all the time. And even for having a better sleep it’s nicer, because we eat and go to bed earlier.

High school here is a lot less scholastic than in France. It’s an other reason why I like it so much. Teachers can be more cloth to students in Canada. We can more talk in class and laugh with them without a distance between us. I’ve hugged a teacher the last day, something I’ll never do in France! They are also less set on the rules : we can have drinks and food in class, practical if you didn’t had time for lunch because we have only 45 minutes. We are allowed to go to the washroom, have gum, wear a hat or even make our tea with the tea-pot of the classroom. When we don’t have a sheet or a pen they give us some, rather than blame us and classrooms are open before class if we want to hang out. All those simple things not allowed in France but here makes it so awesome!

Behind classes I really like the atmosphere and activity of the school. It’s exactly like how we imagine American schools. There is events like Halloween with a costume contest or like the PJ day where we can come in pyjama at school and have free tea and coffee in the morning.

Me and my leadership friends dress up for halloween. I was in French cliche ;D

Everyone has a locker. It’s really a place where everyone goes all the time to put their books between classes and hang out with friends. There are everywhere on the walls because we are 2000 students. It’s huge, so compared to the number of people, I know only a few. But the one I know were really friendly. They were interested about my life in France and asked a lot of questions. Everyone was such cute and nice and I made some real friends at school. I really liked having different classes all the time to meet a lot of new friend and because of that, everyone is talking to everyone in the hallways. It makes school a nice place.

I liked also the approach in class sometimes different from France. For example in English, beside essays, we were doing a lot of little games in groups around the book we read in class and an election of the best party groups to reproduce what happen in the story. In leadership we were doing mostly games, projects like a drive shoes or creative activities like our vision board for our future. I loved this class full of good vibes.

I was glade each day to go to the dance studio. It was so much fun. We were only twelve so it was better for me. Thanks to this small and nice group I could much more easily talk in English than in front of 30 people. Dance is not really like other classes, I chose it because I enjoy it. And it's great, in Canada we can take dance as a real block, not just as an option. It change from the common subjects sometimes too serious.

The courses in that school was really entertaining but I still had to do my homeworks as much as a Canadian students. I wrote essays in English (which was really good for my English progress I think). But all the work during these two months was more easy and restful because my grades didn’t really count therefore it was not a big deal if I didn’t achieve my religion homeworks, for instance. But I’m proud of myself I had at least 60 percents in each subjects. That’s something for me who don’t talk English first language! Even if in any case, for Canadians having good grades is more common, they can practice and improve a lot with formative assignments and most of tests are multiple choice. I can’t say if it’s more easier or harder but they are spanking with there 90 percents.

Now I can relate you a basic day in my school:

Like everyone in the school, my schedule is arranged with four periods of 85 minutes. I have English and Social everyday but I have dance and leadership only on day 2, every other day, and religion only on day 1, with a spare third block. I used this time to work on my articles for this blog, it’s practical. On Wednesday, it’s early out which mean we finish at 2:05pm. So if we want to go home we can, but we can also go for flex to have extra classes for one hours and work on our difficulties or just do homework for examples.

We are going to school by bus at 8 o'clock to start thirty minutes after. I’m in a catholic high school so every mornings, we have to stop everything we are doing when it’s the moment to listen prayer. At the beginning of the second block, we have also everyday school news on the Abj TV. It’s students who make videos and talk about ABJ sport teams, the cafeteria menu, the weather and all the events and announcement about the school.

Then at 11h30 it’s time for lunch. In my school there is a cafeteria but most of the people bring there own food from home. Every evening or mornings we have to do them with the multiples boxes my family have. It can be sandwiches or noodles for example. But sometimes, during the 45 minutes of break we can go eat at Popeyes or Opa! of greece just in front of the school.

Thanks for reading!

Fanny :)

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