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Back to the wilderness

Dernière mise à jour : 18 nov. 2019

The first time the father of my correspondent took me camping, I was happy and curious.

The tent, the food and we were on our way.

After 1 hour on the road, we arrive et a small campsite.

Before we set up the tent, we sent on a 5km walk to see a waterfall.

When we got back, we set up the tents and ate some canned food.

In the evening, once in bed, we listened to the sound of the leaves and watched the stars just before going to sleep.

I liked it so much that we went camping a second time.

The father bought a new and bigger tent so it would be more comfortable this time 45 minutes by car.

We settled and set up the tent on a beach.

We left for a second walk in the forest.

During the night at the beach, the wind was so strong and there was so much noise, so decided to dismantle the tent and go home

But among all the small adventures, the best moments are when we eat as a family around the fire.

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