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Boat travel in Shuswap lake British Columbia

Wednesday 28 August 2019

Today, we leave at the lake (Shuswap). We have 7 hours to drive again but in Canada it’s not far, now I'm getting used to the long ride. On the road, we listened country music, again, but I love that. The country music is very important in British Columbia, I begin to know all the lyrics like « we are stronger bear » this song is the favorite country song in Canada https://youtu.be/2E064kb3UnU. This song talk about the difference between Canada in USA and the only difference is in Canada we are stronger bears. I don’t want back in France, America is my country. I love America because I feel like I have always lived here, what I like most is that everyone loves music. Arrived at the lakes, Rodney and BobbyJo put the boat in the water it’s very amazing, this Canadians are not afraid of anything. I love boat, for me it’s liberty and in my Canadian family they love boat like me. The lake is beautiful and very big, I had never seen from lake as big before, It’s like a city but no car just boat. I was very surprised when I saw a restaurant and store on the lake, they are not that in lac in France I think it’s because the lac in France are smallest than this lake. We stopped at the beach for 4 nights. Behind the beach, there is a forest , with place for tents, and there is a fire place. I sleep in the boat but I was nervous, because I have never been to a campsite before but finally I like that, it’s pretty cool.

Thursday 29 August 2019

This night, I slept in the boat, it was great, I love that because I listened the water and I was rocked by the waves. For afternoon, we were swimming and we wasted our hair with shampoo in the lakes, yes , we took a shower here. Because there are not shower here, so shower in the lake. I had never do that before, it’s very special fortunately it’s not forever. But as said BobbyJo it’s a Canadians experience but very special Canadians experience.

Friday 30 August 2019

Today, we were hiking with Amber and dogs.During the hiking we met people, I love Canadians because everywhere when Canadians meet another Canadians they say « Hi guys, how are you, beautiful day, what are you doing here….. » in France there are not « Bonjour », for that Canada is very user-friendly. Today we went to the restaurant « Shark shak » on the lake, this restaurant is very special firstly is on the water and they are signature everywhere the decoration is very original, typic American. With Kolby (Amber brother) and Amber we wrote our name. My name is engraved forever in a Canadians restaurant I'm so happy.

My name engraved forever in a Canadian restaurant

Saturday 31 August 2019

Today, sandwich eggs for breakfast it’s specialty Canadian for breakfast it’s very good it’s my favorite breakfast. I think I was born to live here, seriously. Today, there is a concert on the sea store (store on the water), there were lot of people on the boat it’s impressive. I am so happy in Canada because the music is very important and there are lot of concert or music everywhere, in France the music is not so important, it makes me feel really good. For look the concert we are attached with Rodney friend boat. And we stayed tied with friends all day, it was very cool because friends put rock for me (AC/DC), and I did a concert of air guitar, they laughed lots. Mike ( friend ) was happy that I love rock because he love that. We singed « I love rockn’roll, « money for nothing »….. It was so fun, thanks to the music I was able to communicate with very good person that I will never forget. Listen music with anglophone is very cool because they know all the lyrics and me no, it made them laugh. Mike and her wife have sweatshirt very cool, her wife have a sweat with write « All is Mike’s fault » and Mike have a sweat #aintmyfault it’s so nice we laugh a lot with them. During the boat, I pushed Rodney in the lake to thank me Mike gave me 10 dollars because it was very fun, I was pretty proud of myself.

Me who play air guitar on the boat

Sunday 1 September 2019

Today, we saw Brynne ( Amber sister) because her college is in Shuswap. In Canada and USA the college is after high school it last 2 years and after it’s university. Before came back home, we went to visit Brynne college. The university in America are very different than in France but so cool. The college is like a camp for summer, but no it’s school. Now I’m sure I will go to university in America, because in this university I feel like I'm on vacation because there is a very good atmosphere, in France the university makes me afraid. And I saw « Groot » ( Groot is a characters of marvel ) the student built Groot with wood. I was so happy to see groot.

This week-end it was my favorite week-end because I lived a Canadian experience, it’s unforgettable.

Groot and me

To finish and to thank you for reading my blog here is some country song

I invite you to listen to them to be transported in America with me:

Your man - Josh Turner https://youtu.be/nADTbWQof7Y

We are stronger bear - Tim Hicks https://youtu.be/2E064kb3UnU


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