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Camille the explorer.

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First, I'm going to introduce myself quickly, before you start to read and be amazed by my everyday life, because I do think that it's important for the readers to know simple things about the writer. My name is Camille, I'm 16 and now I'm in Oakwood, a pleasant, beautiful and charming city in Ontario, 2 hours away from Toronto.

I don't really want you, the readers, to be bored while reading my family life and my meeting and, I know how people can be easily bored; so I'm going to talk as if I was writing a diary and you were this diary.

To begin, the first day, when my feet had touched the Canadian's ground, when I first breathed the Canadian's air, I also saw, for the first time, my host family, they were all happy to see me and I was too. I knew, the very first time I saw them, that I will be surrounded by good people as if they were my real family. Before coming to Canada, I was really stressed because I didn't want to be left out by the family as if I weren't one of their daughter but now I can tell that a real member of the family.

I learnt a lot about them during these 3 weeks. They are really household fairies and every Saturday we clean all the house. I really do love cleaning so for me it's just a fun time to share with them with happiness obviously. Also they're really good cookers, so I eat every well everyday and it's such a good time for me to eat dinner with us, because besides the good dinner, we tell everybody how we feel, how was our day, and we laugh a lot.

Then, I had the chance to met some of their Family in the US, more specifically in Poughkeepsie during one week. They were really sweet with me. Josette, the aunt of my exchange partner Lee-Ann, is like a sunshine, always here to help me when I needed to and to laughed at jokes or anything funny with us. Josette, take care of an old person who has Alzheimer's. The first day, I didn't talk to him because I didn't know anything about him and it was difficult for me to start a discussion but one day, I went with Josette and the mom of Lee-Ann, Natoya, and obviously the old person to wash machines in town, and I got the chance to talk with him, and all the day I took care of him as if he was my grand-father. I know that it must be hard for him everyday to don't remember of the people around you, and things like that and he's very brave. You know, if I were a sick person, without a lot of memories and no one to talk to, I would like to be surrounded by people who know how I feel and people that are actually talking to me. Every time I helped him, he just gave me a smile in return and it was the best "thank you" I could ever have.

With Josette and Natoya, I went to buy an ice cream cake for Lee-Ann's birthday and I wanted to have an ice cream so much, so they wanted me to order my ice cream instead of them and I was so scared, I was shaking and my face all red because of my shyness but I did it! I ordered my ice cream and I can tell it was very good. I was really proud. It's just a little thing to order something but for me, it was a big step.

During this week, I also met Lee-Ann's cousins, I had a great time with her, we went shopping a day and every single night we were watching horror movies or funny movies until we fell asleep. They are working so I didn't see them a lot but I keep a good memory of them and this family.

I really enjoyed my time up there, I met incredible people and for this reason, they're maybe going to France soon to see me and my family and also, visit the country.

Now, 2 weeks later, I'm writing this after school, and I'm not going to lie; I don't make a lot of friends as I wanted but I'm good with that. It hurts to don't have a real friend but I can talk with them so it's good to me. I didn't meet any of Lee-Ann's friend. I just saw them but they don't introduce themselves and me neither. But I have a new group of friends composed by me, Annefleur, who is also French ( don't worry we talk in English even if we're together), Miguel, Alex who are Spanish and Paige the exchange partner of Annefleur. I really do like them even if we don't know each other for a long time. We love to compare Spain, France and Canada with each other and thanks to that we learn a lot about how Canada is and same for Spain.

From left to right: Miguel, Alex, Annefleur and me, Camille

I was stressed all the first week of school because of my burn marks, I was scared of judgement but now I feel good.

You're maybe thinking why don't I talk about my exchange partner, Lee-Ann? So now I'm going to do it: I have a very good feeling with her. She's like a sister to me, we can talk about everything with her, she's really open-minded and not the judging type. At the HighSchool we don't see each other because we don't have the same classes but at home we have so much fun. We cook together, we dance, watch movies, hang out together..

I'm really happy to be in this family and have such good friends and I hope I will meet more and more people in the future and being able to help them or make them smile. I really want to leave Canada without any regret.

A few more weeks after the first time I wrote here and I am back!

My French friend just left a few days before I write this and I miss her already! Now I'm just hanging out with the 2 Spanish guys, Paige and Maddie (Paige's friend). We laugh a lot and converse about many stories we want to share. But I still feel insecure sometimes and feel like I'm alone. I'm pretty sure, when I will leave, we won't talk to each other anymore and that's why I keep thinking that they don't really think of me as a friend. But perhaps, it's just in my head. I don't want to feel disappointed in my friendships that's why I put too much pressure on myself because I know I won't be the one breaking a relation. I'm not good at socialize with people. With my burn marks, I'm always sure that people find me weird, ugly and don't want to talk to me because it's too shameful to them. So that's why when I make friends I don't want to lose them and be the nicest and coolest person ever.

Thanks for reading this.

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