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Camping in Canada

Dernière mise à jour : 28 sept. 2019

I write it the wednesday in the second week (during few hours of road).

So, I was Camping in killbear, a reserve of wildness on the seaside of the lake Huon, in the Georgian bay, with a very strange name for a conservation of a bit of wildness (kill bear...). It was a great experience. At the start we want to stay two nights, but we stay a third night finally.

The Camping in Canada is quiet different compared from the France. It is very big (like everything here) with more than a thousand and four hundred emplacements, and dispersed between 5 places. The camping is also more wildness, there are more threes and animals near, and you haven't a lot of shops near to buy some food. There is a place to make fire in every emplacements, with a picnic table.

We went camping with another family of friends of the Husbands (yes, this is the family name of my change partner), they do that every year since 20 years ago.

Before arrived, we realize we had forget trousers, lamps and dinner (nice score, honestly), so we go to buy this in differents places. First in Costco, a huge store where we can find anything (trousers, informatics material, sofa or packet of 12 of toilet paper) for quality and cheap prices. It was very impressive. There were few people.

After few road, we going in another shop to buy wood, something to eat. We found here a monopoly deal, a little monopoly which we play a lot during these days.

So we start to pick up the tent, which is old and (of course) big. They reserved 2 emplacements nears, but in fact there were 30 metres between the two emplacements, so we installed all of the stuff (not the tents) in once.

So every days we making a fire (sometimes with difficult, Canadians seems don't know how to make a fire), cook the food on. One time, after the many fails of fire, we eaten after the sunset. And after we cooked machmallows on, so I could use my perfect technique to cook machmallows. And I could try the smore, a machmallow with a piece of chocolate between two crackers, which is "very Candadian" but especially vey great. I could also tried the banana boat, a banana with in machmallows and chocolate with is set near the fire in an aluminium paper, which is also very good. 

Finally I think the cooked machmallows and chocolate are vey good both.

We went swim a bit in the lake, but the water was cold. The second day, we go to the Harold point, where there are few rocks were we can jump into the water. I did the little middle one, I think 5 metres of height (I don't know why I did this, maybe a crisis of madness or stupidity).

We also did a little bike trial, and another trail on feets, so we arrived to a great view on the lake. 

If fact, most of the time we did just little games, relax and did nothing important. So I had a great week-end.

Thanks for the reading,


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