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Camping Time!

Dernière mise à jour : 19 déc. 2019

Hello, today I am going to tell you my camping adventure with Tavish, my partner.

Firstly, during one holiday day, we leaved the house for un unknown place really early in the morning. Tavish knew were we went, but he didn’t tell me, for "the surprise", as he said. I was literally so excited, because, one month ago when we called eatch-other, I told him than I really liked to camp one day. Finally, we arrived and I saw a little house and just over that, a big and beautiful lake with, in the back ground some mountains.

Tavish and his family usually came her when there were young and he knew than that will be a really good place for us. Just after we establish the camp. Our tent, and a little fire for the cooking some good meal. One or two hours after, a friend family came in the little wood house for the night, we spend lots of time with them and with their kids. We did some boat on the lake and we did something I never did and really cool: some tubing, that was awesome!

After this really good time, that was time to eat. With Tavish we cooked (demander) for dessert, I never saw and try it, but all the little kids loved it and were really happy to ate that. This moment was one of the best, everybody was loathing and so happy and I felt as I knew them from a really long time. I think this is one of the best things I did in Canada with Tavish. I literally loved this moment and I am going to remember that for a long time!

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