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Camping trip

Hey, this is my first paper of this blog and to be honest so far I had forgotten a little bit about it . It's been more than a month since I got here, and August was so busy . I came back to school the 3rd of September and after the first week of school (so last week) me and my host family went camping but not in the way i know it . Indeed we left for a canoe and portage trip in Killarney provincial park, 5 hours away from our house . This is a super big park with a few lakes and forests between them , so we had to carry big backpack with all the stuff we needed for the week ,food but also the canoes !

This was hard, but it doesn't matter by the time you arrive in a new spot and see how the landscapes are beautiful ! We lived in the nature for 4 days, so I

had the luck to give food to a chipmunk, climb a mountain and even see a brown bear which is an unforgettable thing. We also slept in hammocks and swam in the lake in the night .

That was an amazing week for me and not just because I miss school for 3 days but because this was an adventure and a very Canadian experience that I'm sure I'm not going to forget or do again very soon.

Thanks for reading :)

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