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Canadian Cities and Cultures

Dernière mise à jour : 18 nov. 2019

Canadian capital and Quebec. We went on this trip with another two friends who are both in the exchange program with us. We drive for ten jours to Montréal first. It was a very long way from where we live. My first impression was that we were in a region in France. Indeed, the signals were written in french, the buildings were similar than in France and of course almost everyone was speaking french. In Montreal, we visited the town and we went at the port to see the boats, and we went ziplining above the water. The city of Montreal looks like cities in France because some buildings are similar. I could also speak french with thé quebecois which was cool. The culture is very different than in Ontario so it was very interesting and rewarding to learn more about this region. I didn’t leave without a “Poutine”. This meal is very famous in Quebec. I liked it, but the sauce is kind of strange. After this long trip to Montreal, we went to Canada's capital : Ottawa. This city is less impressive than Toronto because when we showed up, I didn’t see a lot of high buildings. Instead of these buildings, the city-center is composed of a lot of old buildings and what looks like a big castle. I really appreciated this city because they were not a lot of visitors and we could go visit the town very easily. This city is one of my favourite because there are the most important buildings of the country and also I didn’t feel a pressure because of many people. We visited the parliament to teach us how the canadian politics work.

Then, we ate a canadian speciality called “Beaver tails”. It is looks like a cake with chocolate, lemon, cinnamon, fruits. This dessert is very famous, and I have even Heard that when the americain president comes in Ottawa, he stops to eat one.

To finish this amazing trip, we went beside Ottawa to participate at a country festival. It was a very typical canadian event. Most of the people were wearing country hat, country boots and jackets. The music was only country music and I liked it but after few hours to listen it, I discovered that it is not my favourite type of music. They were also a cow show and horse race. Which are very common animals in the country-culture.

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