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First rugby tournament !!!

Saturday, September 17th 3:00pm

And yeah, I'm doing rugby ! Those who know me will probably laugh but it's the truth and all the bruises on my body can testify !! When Maggie's friend Jess told me to join her in the team, I said yes unhesitatingly, and, after convincing Maggie to join us too, we started leanrning how to play. We have started practises two weeks ago and we were almost all beginners so yesterday was our first real rugby game. But we have four practises a week so we learn very fast and we did really good in this tournament, and honestly we can be proud of us even if we lost our two games. A word to sum up this first experience : AMAZIIIIIIING !!!! I had so much fun on and out the field with the girls. It rained all day (as you can see in the pic !) but it didn't spoil our good mood, and I can't wait to play again with them. The only bad side is that our bodies weren't prepared to receive all those punches so this morning it hurts so bad but if I had to choose I will definitely do it again !!!

Time to have nap because I'm exhausted (but delighted !!!!)

See you soon


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