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First time at a Canadian High School !

This is my second article about Canada, now I wanted to tell you how my days are at School, in Canada.

I've been attending a Catholic High School, so I have to wear uniforms. All students must wear one.

Before School started, with my family, we went to buy uniforms (It was very complicated^^).

I wear it everyday at school!

My first day was very awesome, because I had chosen very interesting courses. (Each course lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes).

(First Period) Drama :

It's a female teacher, and she is so nice! Each morning, we do games with other people, and after, we do our work. But, What is our work? We had to play a silent movie in groups. It was my first assignment. It was absolutely awesome ! I was with grade 11-12 (Premières et Terminales if we compare for the France).

Thanks to this, I could have friends! I met Colleen, Victoria, Evan and Talia in Drama class !

Every two weeks, I started Drama at 8:50 AM, and the other week, 10 AM, because it changes.

(I wanted to take music course but It was in same time of Drama, so I had to do a choice, a real dilemma).

Drama Class

Me and Evan

(Second Period) Spare :

After Drama, (If I start at 8:50AM), I had Spare. It's a moment where we do nothing, we can go to the caf, Library, anywhere really.

I use this spare to write my articles.

I had Spare at 10:10 AM, until 11:25 AM then it's lunch!

Lunch :

So, we eat the lunch at 11:30 AM until 12:10 PM.I bring food from home. Students can to bring their own food or shops aound the neighborhood. Obviously, They are a cafeteria, so They can buy something if they want. Often, I go there for buy some cookies, but not everyday !

We eat food in Lunch Box.

(Third Period) Psychology, Sociology, andAnthropology :

That's the name of my course in the third period, (Because there, there are 4 periods, like me, I had Drama period 1, Spare period 2, and this class, period 3).

It's yet another woman, she is too really cool ! In this class, I'm beside to Madison, and a good friend of Zéa.

In this class, we study the Psychology of Freud, and the human behaviour such as personality, reactions and mind.

We are too in groups (often)for doing something. I love this subject !

We almost always use our laptops, and It's a lot easier!

(In Canada, They use too Google Classroom, It's a social network for Teachers. They post homework or news in this app).

So, I had this class at 12:15 PM, until 1:30 PM.

(Fouth period) Philosophy :

Before to go in the Philosophy class, I was in the guitar class, but it was very different in how you play in France and I was confused, so I preferred to change and I took Philosophy with grade 12's!

It's actually very difficult, but It's absolutely interesting! I have always loved Philosophy and Literature.

My teacher is a man, and I'm so glad to have him. He is very clear, interesting and very incredible. Maybe the best teacher of Philosophy I have ever see.

The real difficulty of this class, It's the teacher, when he speaks its very fast, which makes it very difficult to follow him.

Every two weeks, he gives us, a little book of 30 pages of a Philosoph like Socrates, Plato, or Aristotle.

This class is the last of my day, because its starts at 1:30 PM and goes until 2:50 PM.

This is a representation of Philosophy Class. They are trying imitate Philosophers of the past, so they can have an argument in there place.

Me with Mabel (left) and Maddison (Right)

They are my super friends that I met thanks to Zéa, because they are too her friends!

Corridor of the School

Me and Colleen

Me and Sophia (I met her in the Philosophy Class)

Thanks for reading ! I hope my article has been interesting and clear. See you later for another article !

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