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First week

I write it the Wednesday of the second week.

So, my first week in Canada is ended. It was a great week.

Against my scared of a difficult changment of time, it was easily. The firsts days I was tired very early, and I get up early. But after few days, this problem was solved.

I've little problems with the worlds sometimes, so we use a translator or they try to explain to me. Sometimes I don't understand immediately (only sometimes, fortunately), but after few try I get it.

For the talk, I understand they the most of the time when they speak slowly for me (sometimes not, when I don't know the worlds), and sometimes when they don't speak for me.

It's a bit difficult to talk, but the most of the time I success to communicate. Sometimes because I don't know the worlds to explain that, sometimes because my accent is very bad, sometimes because I try to use a technique which is no really english.

When I try to prepare the sentences in my mind, it's easy, but when I try to say it, it dosen't working as I want (very strange, no ?).

And I think a bit in english now. Sometimes I think in French, sometimes in English. I think in English when I try to, and when I'm just thinking about something, and the english worlds come to my more easyer (ususally the commons worlds like sometimes, few, bike...). But they think I have an "amazing english", that I'm not sure...

And about my week, I've not passed too much of amazing weeks like these in my little life. We have see the neighborhood in bike and with feets.

I've see the downtown of Toronto, the lot of the huge buildings. Went to the top of the CN tower, and have a beautiful wiew of Toronto and the Ontario lake.

I've try also to read english books. I've start with The gunlinger of Stephen King, a writer I love his stories. But thre were a lot of worlds I don't understand, and as it's quite hard to understand a sentence when you don't know the half of the worlds in a sentence, I don't really understand the story.

But in the weekend, I try to read another book, this time one made for teens, and there were just a bit of unknowns worlds for me, so it's easier to read. And this time I understand the story !

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